We are Pontem Integrated

We connect brands and consumers. Our consumers live in a fluid and connected world. In their everyday journey, they traverse across mediums, channels, formats and experience life through all their senses. Our endeavor is to connect with them in their life journeys and be able to enrich them with brand experiences, no matter what the mediums, formats or channels are.

Our focus is creation that can deliver effective results.

We are integrated, because we create omnichannel solutions.

We are Pontem, we bridge the gap between brands and people, no matter where they exist in the moment.


Partner and Founder
Rajesh Sikroria is a marketing communications leader with more than two decades of experience across some of the most prestigious advertising agencies.

Partner and Founder
Manav Sadhwani, an alumnus of Indian School of Business, has over 20 years of experience with 10 years in Advertising and the rest on the other side of the table in Marketing.

Sandeep Handa a.k.a. Sandy, with more than two decades of experience, has worked on various top notch brands across global and local agencies. In the course of his journey, Sandy has strategized and spearheaded creative strategy & execution for some memorable campaigns, launched brands successfully and created mega multi-media campaigns.